Since 1999, the Biondo Bike bicycle shop has been the exclusive brand representative of the Pinarello and Wilier Triestina brands in Hungary. The two legendary Italian brands have found a home with us in the last quarter of a century. You can find the entire selection of Pinarello bicycles and Wilier bicycles in the Biondo Bike bicycle shop.

Pinarello. Wilier Triestina. Biondo Bike. Faith in Time.

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We guarantee the price of this bike when ordering. We do not charge extra costs, so the price is always the same as indicated.

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We deliver this bike to any part of Hungary free of charge, we do not charge any shipping costs.

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This bike is free to assemble, so assembly and commissioning is free.



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The first service of this bike after receipt is free, so the first warranty service is free of charge.

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This bike is 100% assembled in Italy. So, from the first screw to the last.

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We provide free resizing on receipt of this bike. So, we put everyone on their purchased bike and do all the fine adjustments before you take it.

Official Giro sponsor
The bicycle shop Biondo Bike was the official sponsor of the Grande Partenza in 2022.
Pinarello road bike
Original Pinarello road bikes - only at the exclusive Hungarian distributor.
Limar road bike helmet
A wide range of Limar premium road helmets in the Biondo Bike bike shop.
Wilier road bike
Original Wilier road bikes - only at the exclusive Hungarian distributor.
Kellys e-bike
Kellys premium e-bikes at Biondo Bike bike shop.
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At the service of cyclists since 1999

Exclusivity 2023

Pinarello 2023

The legendary Pinarello company was founded by Giovanni “Nani” Pinarello in 1953 after winning the Maglia Nera, the Black T-shirt, at the Giro d’Italia in 1951, making it world famous in one fell swoop.

Wilier 2023

Wilier Triestina was founded in 1906 by the Dal Molin brothers under the name Ciclomeccanica dal Molin. In the period between the two world wars, due to a high degree of industrialization, the company closed its doors, which were later reopened - at the time of reopening, the company was renamed Wilier Triestina.

Casco 2023

The German premium helmet company was started in 1989 as a family business. Of course, Casco has outgrown this framework, but their original mission to design and manufacture premium helmets for a variety of applications for everyone has remained the same.

Gaerne 2023

The Italian premium shoe company was founded in 1962 by Ernesto Gazzola, one of the greatest masters of Italian sports shoes. The name Gaerne was also created from his name: GA - like Gazzola and ERNE - like Ernesto.

The Biondo Bike bicycle shop

The Biondo Bike bicycle shop was founded in 1999 by former professional bicycle racer Márta Seregély and Gabriele Biondo, who also races. Márta won 22 Hungarian championship titles in four different disciplines (road, track, cross country, downhill) and six Giro d’Italia. And Gabriele was also able to wear a (Italian) national championship jersey, so a serious professional background was guaranteed under the auspices of this collaboration. Bence Horváth joined them in the spring of 2012, strengthening the team as a writer with a degree in humanities and as an enthusiastic hobby cyclist since he was a child, and soon after as a co-owner.

Pinarello and Wilier have been the two pulling brands in the Biondo Bike bike business from the beginning. These two bicycle brands with exceptional prestige and quality culture need not be presented to anyone, but it is important to mention that for both Pinarello and Wilier, the Biondo Bike bike shop has been the exclusive distributor from the beginning. Of course, having so much time to market two such crown diamonds is not just a glory, it is just as much a responsibility. We have tried and will continue to do our utmost to be worthy of this unusual task.

Our mission is to make Italian bicycles, and to introduce and nurture Italian culture in Hungary in a broader sense. At Biondo Bike, in addition to speaking Italian well, we are well acquainted with the Italian bicycle manufacturing and cultural traditions, and it is our real mission to make them known to a wide audience.

Our motto – moreover: our creed – is to offer not only quantity but also quality to those who choose us and the offer of the Biondo Bike bicycle shop. It is essential for us to give the customer a premium product that is new and of impeccable quality in every way for their money, but we want to add something even more: time and care, expertise, correctness, precision and, of course, an all-encompassing passion. We want it to be more than just a sale and purchase, not just something that those who choose us can get elsewhere – but something else, something more, something Italian.

We look forward to seeing you, try the real Biondo Bike feeling!


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