Horváth Bence


BENCE HORVÁTH – co-owner of the bicycle shop Biondo Bike

Bence was born on 29.12.1983 in Budapest. He graduated from the ELTE Faculty of Arts, majoring in Romanian language and literature. In 2004, as an aspirant in philosophy, his poems were included in an anthology, and he has been practicing his original profession ever since: hundreds of poems, short stories, and a novel are to his credit.

In the field of sports, the bicycle is his greatest love, he has been a passionate amateur cyclist since childhood, including the road, MTB and gravel disciplines that are closest to his heart. Benc has always been most interested in the technical aspects of cycling, i.e. the bicycle itself as a tool.

2012. has been working for the bicycle shop Biondo Bike since March. Along with Márta and Gabriele, he is the third co-owner of the business. Pinarello is perhaps the biggest domestic expert in road bikes. In addition to the Romanian language, he speaks excellent Italian and conversational English.

His task: ideological and business strategy creation, complex system construction, and continuous rethinking and development of Biondo Bike's online interfaces. In addition, he is responsible for the creation and optimization of artistically demanding texts, articles, and analyzes that can (also) be read on our websites.

Expertise: road, gravel and MTB segment

Horváth Bence

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