Pinarello terms and conditions

The Biondo Bike bicycle store introduced the Pinarello brand to Hungary in 1999 and has been the exclusive distributor of the brand without interruption ever since. We’ve already introduced the Pinarello brand on a number of our sites, such as HERE or HERE, but we’ve already covered the subject in depth in a number of our blog articles, so we wouldn’t go into that on this page right now.

What may be important, on the other hand, is the relationship between our store and the company, which dates back several decades, and the basic information about the purchase of Pinarello bicycles, clothing and accessories.

Pinarello and Biondo Bike – History

The three owners of our store, two of whom also had a close relationship with Pinarello and the Pinarello family from the time they started the business.

During her career as a professional racer, Márta Seregély met Giovanni “Nani” Pinarello, the founding father of the Pinarello company, and an almost friendly relationship developed between them. Accordingly, he regularly visited Treviso to visit the family and the Pinarello company.

And Gabriele Biondo owes her first job to Pinarello – she began her concrete career in the Pinarello painting business in the 1970s, and the Pinarello family up close since she was born.

It was with this antecedent that the relationship between Pinarello and the Biondo Bike bicycle business began in 1999.

Purchase rules and restrictions from January 1, 2021

Since 1999, the Biondo Bike bicycle store, as the Hungarian distributor of the Pinarello brand, has introduced and considers the following new rules to be valid from 01.01.2021

I. Every new Pinarello bike purchased from us comes with a frame and parts warranty. The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty for carbon-framed bicycles and carbon-framed sets, for aluminum-framed bicycles this warranty period is 2 years. If you buy a bicycle, Pinarello has a 2-year warranty on parts outside the frame set. There are three key conditions for a warranty.

  • The first of these is the intended use, the parameters and explanation of which can be found at and in the description for the bicycle (or frame set) – this description will be provided to everyone upon receipt of the bicycle. I would like to emphasize here that an accident or any damage not caused by a material defect is not covered by the warranty problem, so they are not covered by any warranty procedure!
  • The second condition is the warranty e-mail, which we also do on the Pinarello website instead of everyone when we receive the bike, and which it is the responsibility of the buyer to keep and keep.
  • The third condition is the existence of an invoice, receipt or any official receipt confirming the purchase. It is also the responsibility of the buyer to put it away and keep it.
  • The warranty for all Pinarello products purchased from us is valid only through us. Lack of knowledge of the rules does not exempt you from complying with it.

II. Terms of delivery, payment and refund, and the most important criteria related to this topic.

  • When ordering a bicycle, we communicate the provisional delivery intervals indicated by the manufacturer to our customers. Accordingly, we cannot be held responsible for any delay or receipt other than the delivery date indicated in advance, and we have no influence on this.
  • We try to inform everyone correctly about any delays / changes in the delivery time, but we do not take any financial or other responsibility for this. You can find out more about these under the menu item Payment and delivery information.
  • In the case of bicycles and frames, you can find out about the possible refund or non-refund of the deposit or advance payment, or about the rules for withdrawing from the purchase or excluding such withdrawal, as well as the exact legal regulatory framework under the General Terms and Conditions.
  • Warranty and other issues can also be found under the General Terms and Conditions menu item.
  • You can find out about payment terms and options under the menu item Payment and delivery information.

III. Frame parts and support for Pinarello bicycles.

  • from 01.01.2021 due to the proliferating black market and the significant amount of stolen, counterfeit, in bad condition, unrepeatable bicycles imported from abroad and offered for sale as original Pinarello, any assistance, information or parts and accessories for Pinarello frames (eg , gear slippers, etc.…) can only be provided for bicycles newly purchased from us. A prerequisite for any such support is a guarantee e-mail and invoice confirming the previous purchase of the bike from us, a receipt or a document certifying some official purchase. In the absence of these or for bicycles not originating from us, we are not in a position to provide frame parts or provide information under any circumstances. Of course, if you have a warranty e-mail and a proof of purchase, and they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the bike is from us or that the buyer is asking for help with the bike on it, then this is also the case for bikes that are in the second hand. we will provide the necessary assistance at the prices indicated on our pages. This means that we provide support not only to those who have newly purchased the bike in question from us, but also to those who will later purchase it as a second-hand product and have a guarantee email from us and with an official document proving the purchase. Of course, this support is not covered by the warranty procedure, it can only be used by the first owner, so the product is only and exclusively for the first owner. See section I for warranty conditions.
  • of course, the above limitation applies to support for Pinarello bikes and frame parts and accessories. Other Pinarello brand clothing and other accessories that are not tied to the Pinarello frame are available to anyone without restriction.