Gaerne terms of purchase

The Biondo Bike bicycle store introduced the Gaerne brand to Hungary in 1999 and has been the exclusive distributor of the brand without interruption ever since. We have already introduced the Gaerne brand on a number of our pages, for example HERE, but we have already covered the topic in depth in our numerous blog articles, so we would not go into this on this page.

What can be important, however, is the basic information that applies to the purchase of Gaerne cycling shoes, clothing and accessories.

Purchase rules and restrictions from January 1, 2021

The Biondo Bike bicycle store, as the Hungarian distributor of the Gaerne brand, has introduced the following new rules since 1999 and considers them to be valid from 01.01.2021:

I. Every new Gaerne product purchased from us comes with a warranty. Gaerne shoes have a full two-year warranty, and BOA wrappers have a lifetime warranty, but the shoes themselves are always two years from the date of purchase. For all other Gaerne products, one year, ie 12 months from the date of purchase. What are the warranty conditions?

  • The first of these is the intended use, the parameters and explanation of which can be found at
  • The second condition is the existence of an invoice, receipt or any official receipt confirming the purchase. It is also the responsibility of the buyer to put it away and keep it.
  • The warranty for all Gaerne products purchased from us is valid only through us. Lack of knowledge of the rules does not exempt you from complying with it.

II. Terms of delivery, payment and refund, and the most important criteria related to this topic.

  • When ordering a Gaerne product, we communicate to our customers the provisional delivery intervals specified by the manufacturer. Accordingly, we cannot be held responsible for any delay or receipt other than the delivery date indicated in advance, and we have no influence on this.
  • We try to inform everyone correctly about any delays / changes in the delivery time, but we do not take any financial or other responsibility for this. You can find out more about these under the menu item Payment and delivery information.
  • You can find out about the possible refund or non-refund of the deposit or deposit to be collected for Gaerne products, as well as the rules for withdrawing from or excluding the purchase, or the exact legal framework for these, under the General Terms and Conditions.
  • Warranty and other issues can also be found under the General Terms and Conditions menu item.
  • You can find out about payment terms and options under the menu item Payment and delivery information.