Bikes to book

Pinarello bikes to book

You can book road bikes, gravel bikes, time trial bikes, track bikes and pedelec bikes from the legendary Pinarello range – always the latest, always the latest. Pinarello’s road bikes have already proven themselves in countless major world competitions, so they have proven countless times that they are not only in the narrowest field in the world, but it would be difficult to deny that they are the best in the world. The Pinarello bike range that can be reserved includes bikes that we have previously pre-ordered and can be reserved immediately for anyone – and in this case it will arrive to the person who reserved it. All Pinarello road bikes that can be reserved are listed on the page above, so they can be viewed and reserved by anyone with a single click – thus they can be purchased. In addition to representing the highest possible quality, Pinarello bicycles also offer the best of Italian design culture to the buying public. Road bike, gravel bike, bike that can be reserved, Pinarello, Italian culture – all of this is on offer at the Biondo Bike bike shop.

Wilier bikes to book

Wilier Triestina is one of the oldest bicycle manufactories in the world. Bicycles with handlebars made for off-road use can be reserved or are in reserve status. Premium Italian cyclocross and gravel Wilier bikes in the range of the Biondo Bike bike shop. Wilier gravel bike and Wilier cyclocross bike palette, the latest of everything – the latest, in the usual inimitable, uncompromising premium quality. Wilier form culture, the best of Italian design, in amazing quality – da casa Wilier. Wilier bike available for booking: gravel bike palette, carbon frame gravel bike and aluminum frame gravel bike, but also available in steel frame version, handlebar bikes intended for off-road use in the range of the Biondo Bike bike shop. Premium carbon bike frame, premium equipment and incredible, fantastic Italian design culture from Wiler – in the Biondo Bike.

Kellys bikes to book

Kellys is a competitor here as well. Kellys are also Kellys for off-road use. Kellys bikes can be reserved. Premium Kellys quality in the range of Biondo Bike bike shop. Electric MTB bike, electric city bike and all electric-assist off-road and city bikes available for booking from Kellys – Biondo Bike bike shop. Kellys’ range of reservable electric bikes includes several off-road two-wheelers, which can be the most suitable choice for everyone in this area as well.