More about us

We at the BiondoBike bikeshop offer high quality Italian bicycles, components and parts on an affordable price.

Carbon and aluminum road and mountain bikes, from beginner to professional level. City models withs super design, and also fixi and single speed bicycles as well. Fitness and Mountain bikes to use ranging from weekend trips to competitive.

Technique, sport and style. Global brands and quality parts, outstanding service, training and nutritional advices from professionals. We can find the optimal solution for everyone, be it bikes, parts or even a customized setup.

Our motto:

BiondoBike – “We offer a way of life, not just a bike.”

BiondoBike Ltd. was founded by Márta Seregély and Gabriele Biondo. Biondo won the Italian

Road Championship in 1972, after that he was a coach for professional teams. Márta won the Hungarian Championship twenty-three times in all cycling branches. She is the only competitor in Europe, who has won adult championship title on track, on road, on cross-country and downhill as well.

After 20 years of unbroken career came the idea to establish the first store in Hungary which is dedicated to road cycling, and to give their knowledge to the customers and to the members of later founded amateur cycling club. So nobody can leave the store without discussing the correct setting of the bike, nutritional advice, training methods and weight problems.

In the spring of 2012, the fresh force came, Bence Horváth, who came to the Biondo team as a passionate amateur cyclist with a recent liberal arts degree. He is the third owner of the bicycle shop Biondo Bike.

Our company is the official distributor of many world-famous manufacturers. In Hungary we are the sole distributors of the products of PINARELLO, WILIER, MBM, MOST, DT SWISS, TUFO and GIPIEMME. Also we have products from CAMPAGNOLO, SHIMANO, DEDA, SIGMA, VDO, LOOK, GIST and RITCHEY, we offer all the products of the aforementioned companies.

Besides the bicycles and the parts we have an extremely wide selection of different clothing and shoes for our customers. We offer products from Italian market leaders (MEM, Gist for clothing, and GAERNE for shoes). From the beginning our companies sales strategy emphasized high quality over quantity, and we always thought that cycling is not just a sport, but a way of life. Our motto also derives from this notion, as we thrive to meet the expectations of our customers.

Social Network

We are interactive, so you can find us on the major social networks. Our shop can be found on Facebook, on Google Plus, and we also have our own blog where you can learn about the latest news of cycling. On biondobike.blog.hu you can read the latest news about on cycling competitions and even the products of the different manufacturers.

Márta Seregély too can be found on Facebook, and she will happily answer all professional questions in her free time.